The Southwest Michigan Black Heritage Society

The Southwest Michigan Black Heritage Society

"The connection to yesterday"


These retreats are designed for small interracial groups of community members who have a desire for personal transformation, connection and community healing.

The retreats facilitate a healing journey towards individual and community reconciliation of unresolved trauma caused by issues of race. A quiet, focused, disciplined and supportive space will be created. Participants will be guided in:

 September 18, 2013
"Deepening the Healing"
 Healing Together Retreat II

The September Retreat is designed for the small interracial group of community members who attended either the Healing Together Retreat in January or May of this year. This second retreat in the series will encourage a deeper exploration of the unresolved and often unrecognized trauma caused by issues of race and create a deepening sense of community and trust. In the retreat we will experience a richer understanding of the boundary markers that create safe space for telling our stories and listening to the stories of others.

January 2014
Healing Together Retreat
Date and venue to be announced.